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Bulk Storage Covers

It doesn’t matter what you are trying to store, a Darling Downs Tarpaulins‘ Bulk Storage Cover will save it from wind, rain, hail & shine.

A Bulk Storage Cover

The possibilities of what you can store are endless.  Our customers have successfully stored grain, fertilizer, coal, hay, bagasse & sand to name just a few.

We use and recommend Canvacon and Landmark material.  These materials are Australian made for Australian conditions.  They are tough and long-lasting.  There is a 3 year UV warranty and DDT guarantees our workmanship.


Grain Bunker Storage Covers

Grain Bunker Covers enable bulk products, such as grain, to be stored securely and efficiently and size is no problem.

aerial view of grain bunker storage in darling downs QLD

Storing grain in bunkers can deliver:

  • Economy – for medium to large tonnage, you won’t find a better way to store grain.
  • Ease of sealing the storage and enabling efficient and effective gas treatment for insect control.
  • Versatility – you can cheaply re-load your bunkers to suit crop paddock rotation
  • Opportunity – if your cropping programme fluctuates from year to year – why have large fixed (& high cost) storage infrastructure – which will be under-utilized in poor (or non-crop) years?

Take a look at our Grain Bunker Brochure for some good advice on building a bunker or instead, we can send you our Bunker Kit which is full of useful information.

bulk grain storage with tarpaulins in toowoomba

DDT Bunker Covers can be made from Canvacon – economical & lightweight (260-305gsm), UV stabilised and popular for over 25 years; Landmark – heavier (340gsm) and especially suited for windy sites; PVC – heavier still (500gsm – 600gsm) – ‘hugs the stack’.

Colour – We recommend cooler colours – eg Ice Blue – especially in the hotter parts of Australia.

light blue storage cover tarpaulin

Contact us for a free information kit.


Our Range of Storage Covers


This storage cover is used to protect fertilisers from moisture and other environmental elements that could degrade their quality. Fertilisers are typically stored in bags or bulk containers and may be made from a variety of materials, including natural and synthetic compounds.


Coal is a combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock that is typically burned as a fuel source. Coal storage covers are used to protect coal piles from moisture, wind and other environmental elements that could cause the coal to deteriorate or become contaminated. 


This is a protective cover used to store hay, which is dried grass or other plants that are used as animal feed. Hay storage covers are typically made from heavy-duty fabric or plastic and are used to protect the hay from pests and other factors that could reduce its nutritional value.


 Bagasse is the fibrous residue that remains after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juice. Bagasse storage covers are used to protect bagasse piles from moisture and other environmental factors that could cause the bagasse to decompose or lose its usefulness as a fuel source.


A sand storage cover is used to protect large stockpiles of sand from the elements. Sand covers are typically made from heavy-duty plastic or other durable materials and are used to prevent erosion, wind-blown sand and other factors that could impact the quality and usability of the sand.

 Benefits of Using Storage Covers

Our storage covers provide a variety of benefits, including:

  • Protection from environmental factors: Storage covers help to protect the contents of storage areas from environmental factors such as moisture, wind, UV rays, pests and dust. This helps to prevent spoilage, contamination and damage to stored goods.
  • Improved shelf life: By protecting stored goods from environmental factors, storage covers can help to extend the shelf life of products, reducing waste and improving the value of your goods.
  • Increased safety: Storage covers can help to prevent accidents and injuries by ensuring that stored goods are properly contained and labelled, reducing the risk of spills or other hazards.
  • Cost savings: By protecting stored goods, storage covers can help to reduce the need for expensive rework, replacement or disposal of damaged goods, reducing costs and improving the bottom line.
  • Convenience: Storage covers are easy to install and remove, making it simple to protect stored goods in a variety of settings. They can be used in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, mining, manufacturing and more.

Why Use Our Storage Cover Solutions?

Darling Downs Tarpaulins offers durable material storage covers in a range of sizes and styles. Our storage covers are designed to provide maximum protection against environmental factors such as moisture, UV rays, wind or pests. We offer affordable solutions without compromising on quality.

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