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Cattle Shade

Shadecloth technology is producing fabrics that are very close to the maximum shade possible.

Darling Downs Tarpaulins can produce shade covers to our design or yours in fixed or retractable styles.

Reducing heat stress on your cattle has been shown to improve the results of your enterprise. (Cattle show better weight gains in Feedlot situations and also Dairy cattle have produced more milk and of a better quality). They’ll feel better and you’ll feel better!

Contact our staff, they can help you with design and details of fixing systems available to ensure maximum cover performance.


Cotton Tarps & Nets

Darling Downs Tarpaulins are Australia’s most experienced Cotton Module Cover fabricators.

DDT manufacture all styles of Cotton Tarps and are more than happy to manufacture to your own design and colour.

We use the best Australian made and overseas fabrics available. Such fabrics are UV stabilised and will, with careful handling and storage, last for many seasons. Many of our customers have achieved more than 10 seasons from their DDT module tarps.

We also make Cotton Transport Nets and our workmanship is guaranteed.

We produce several styles of belted covers, all designed without ropes. Our belted covers have 50mm wide webbing straps and come with a quick release metal cam buckle for ease of use. Belted covers have a generous drop over the side of the module and have an extra flap below the belt to protect your cotton.

The traditional fitted covers, can be made to be fitted both ends or just one. They are still available and designed to be installed with ropes. Fabric sizes are now metric which enables us to allow for longer and more desirable drop to give better protection for your cotton.

All covers have welded seams and are stencilled with your company name as required.  Flat tarps are also available. They come with welded hems and eyelets.  DDT also offer a timely repair service to ensure that you get the maximum life possible from your covers.

Contact Us to discuss your forthcoming requirements.



Dam Liners and Pond Liners

Darling Downs Tarpaulins can supply watertight Dam Liners & Pond Liners to suit anything from small fish ponds to larger farm dams. We pre-fabricate the required material using quality assured, welded seams. Choose from a range of fabrics, including polyethylene and polypropylene, which all come with a UV warranty.


During the construction phase, all work, whether carried out in the factory or on-site is subjected to a rigorous and methodical QA (Quality Assurance) testing program. That’s why we can be confident enough to guarantee our work.


DDT LINERS – our sister company – are the experts at installing HDPE liners.  DDT Liners have a highly trained and experienced team of installers that are fully equipped to do any commercial job.

The company utilises the latest advances in membrane and installation technology and have the knowledge, the technical expertise and experience to meet all lining requirements.

The team will travel to wherever the job takes them and their workmanship is guaranteed.

DDT LINERS’ customers include government and local authorities, mining companies, farmers and a diverse range of rural businesses including sugar millers, horticulturalists, aquaculturalists, intensive livestock producers and food processors.

DDT LINERS offers a free advisory service which may well save you time and money but most importantly will give you a better result.

Please browse the DDT LINERS website or Contact us to discuss your special requirements, the most suitable solution, and to obtain an obligation free quotation.


Grain Bunker Tarps

DDT Grain Bunker Covers enable bulk products, such as grain, to be stored securely and efficiently and size is no problem.

Storing grain in bunkers can deliver:

  • Economy – for medium to large tonnage, you won’t find a better way to store grain.
  • Ease of sealing the storage and enabling efficient and effective gas treatment for insect control.
  • Versatility – you can cheaply re-load your bunkers to suit crop paddock rotation
  • Opportunity – if your cropping programme fluctuates from year to year – why have large fixed (& high cost) storage infrastructure – which will be under utilized in poor (or non-crop) years?

Take a look at our Grain Bunker Brochure for some good advice on building a bunker or instead, we can send you our Bunker Kit that is full of useful information.

DDT Bunker Covers can be made from Canvacon – economical & lightweight (260-305gsm), UV stabilised and popular for over 25 years; Landmark – heavier (340gsm) and especially suited for windy sites; PVC – heavier still (500gsm – 600gsm) – ‘hugs the stack’.

Colour – We recommend cooler colours – eg Ice Blue – especially in the hotter parts of Australia.

Contact us now for a free information kit.

Even under ideal storage conditions, mice can present a problem leading to damage of your grain.  Have a look at this Mouse Management Fact Sheet for some useful information.

Hay Tarps

You have done all the hard work making your hay while the sun was shining. Now protect it when it doesn’t with a DDT HAY TARP!

Darling Downs Tarpaulins can make you a quality Canvacon 7000E Hay Tarp to suit your needs that will shield your hay from the elements.  Rain, hail or shine, year after year.

Canvacon is a tough polyethylene fabric, Australian made for Australian conditions.  It is waterproof and tear resistant, perfect for protecting hay in stormy conditions.  It comes with a 3 year UV warranty & DDT’s workmanship is guaranteed.


Truck Tarps

Darling Downs Tarpaulins custom makes tarps and covers to fit your vehicle, whether it is your trayback or semi-trailer.  We also make covers to suit your grain bins and trailers.


We manufacture roll over tarps & side curtains using 920gsm “side curtain” PVC. For a roll over tarp simply call us with the outer dimensions of the bin, the preferred fitting/rolling system and we can give you a quote on the spot.

Darling Downs Tarpaulins will make you a Canvas or a PVC tarp. We use only top quality, heavily proofed Australian Canvas & the best available PVC.

All joins are double stitched for neatness and strength. In PVC Tarps, all seams are welded for absolute water-proofing. Signwriting can be arranged.


Would you like a quote?  Contact us with your truck tray length, width and details of hinges or protruding objects and any other special features you might need such as access doors, etc, especially on the lighter delivery trucks.


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