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Builders Tarps

Darling Downs Tarpaulins makes top quality Builders Tarps from heavy duty, PVC fabrics.

We use Australian Made Fabrics   

Making a Builders TarpDDT Builders Tarps are commonly used to protect projects from wet weather but they are also used as Floor Sheets.

Floor Sheets are invaluable when working on upper story extensions.  They act as a waterproof layer between the construction area and property below thus reducing the threat of water damage to assets below the building area.

Do you require a sheet that is not square?  No problem! We can do any size & any shape, simply send us an email or fax with a diagram & measurements & we will do a quotation for you.

Request a Quote! 

REMEMBER!  If you are in the building industry, a DDT tarp just might be one of the most important tools you carry with you.  After all, it is better to be safe than sorry, so don't gamble on the weather & don’t risk not having your job protected in time from the rain. 

Our workmanship is guaranteed

We can offer tarps as flat sheets or with tie down straps fitted.  This gives you the added advantage of  being able to securely fasten the tarp when the weather becomes inclement.