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Dam Liners and Pond Liners

Dam Liners

Darling Downs Tarpaulins can supply watertight Dam Liners & Pond Liners to suit anything from small fish ponds to larger farm dams. We pre-fabricate the required material using quality assured, welded seams. Choose from a range of fabrics, including polyethylene and polypropylene, which all come with a UV warranty.

We guarantee our workmanship


Ornamental Pond Liner

We are Quality Assured

During the construction phase, all work, whether carried out in the factory or on-site is subjected to a rigorous and methodical QA (Quality Assurance) testing program. That's why we can be confident enough to guarantee our work.


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For the Really Big Jobs

DDT LINERS - our sister company - are the experts at installing HDPE liners.  DDT Liners have a highly trained and experienced team of installers that are fully equipped to do any commercial job. 

The company utilises the latest advances in membrane and installation technology and have the knowledge, the technical expertise and experience to meet all lining requirements.

The team will travel to wherever the job takes them and their workmanship is guaranteed.

Large Dam Liner

Dam Liner

DDT LINERS' customers include government and local authorities, mining companies, farmers and a diverse range of rural businesses including sugar millers, horticulturalists, aquaculturalists, intensive livestock producers and food processors.

DDT LINERS offers a free advisory service which may well save you time and money but most importantly will give you a better result.

DDT Liners

Please browse the DDT LINERS website or Contact us to discuss your special requirements, the most suitable solution, and to obtain an obligation free quotation.