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Cotton Tarps & Nets


Darling Downs Tarpaulins are Australia's most experienced Cotton Module Cover fabricators.

DDT manufacture all styles of Cotton Tarps and are more than happy to manufacture to your own design and colour. DDT Cotton Tarps

DDT Cotton TarpWe use the best Australian made and overseas fabrics available. Such fabrics are UV stabilised and will, with careful handling and storage, last for many seasons. Many of our customers have achieved more than 10 seasons from their DDT module tarps.


We also make Cotton Transport Nets and our workmanship is guaranteed.

We produce several styles of belted covers, all designed without ropes. Our belted covers have 50mm wide webbing straps and come with a quick release metal cam buckle for ease of use. Belted covers have a generous drop over the side of the module and have an extra flap below the belt to protect your cotton.

           Cotton Tarps    Cotton Tarps    Cotton Tarps

The traditional fitted covers, can be made to be fitted both ends or just one. They are still available and designed to be installed with ropes. Fabric sizes are now metric which enables us to allow for longer and more desirable drop to give better protection for your cotton.

                              DDT Cotton Tarp   DDT Cotton Tarp

All covers have welded seams and are stencilled with your company name as required.  Flat tarps are also available. They come with welded hems and eyelets.  DDT also offer a timely repair service to ensure that you get the maximum life possible from your covers.

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